The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted health and general wellbeing. Loss of lives and livelihood therefore has a debilitating effect on overall morale and sentiments.

Business losses across the globe have increased pressure on enterprises and employees to accomplish goals and stay relevant in these unprecedented times. Additionally virus related fear and stigma is causing negative psychological responses in people impacting overall business performance of organizations.

While keeping nancial wellbeing of enterprises and employees is paramount to leaders in such situation, it is also essential to take care of physical and psychological wellbeing of employees to drive productivity and performance at workplace.

It is time for HR and business leaders to step forward and help organizations navigate the change and realign employee wellbeing that will help enterprises tide over the turbulence with ease.

The Total Wellbeing Virtual Summit will take a deep dive into aspects making your wellbeing programs comprehensive, agile, personalized and fair especially during these unstable times.

Key Highlights
  • First ever virtual conference on total wellbeing post COVID-19
  • Practical insights based on dipstick survey and access to copy of report
  • Embedded with Master Class to ensure immersive learning
  • Global audience attending key themes addressal by 20+ speakers
Key themes (45 minutes each)
  • Evolution of Total Wellbeing in COVID-19 times - It is about comprehensive Wellbeing
  • Financial WellbeingRealign and Reform Total Rewards
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing- Key driver for Performance and Engagement
Why Attend?
  • Conceptualized to suit needs of New Normal
  • Actionable insights and perspectives from industry experts and practitioners
  • Second Intervention under the aegis of FICCI HR Committee after highly successful FICCI Innovation Summit
  • Powerful and compact design covering all aspects of holistic wellbeing
Who should Attend?
  • CEO, Head of Compensation and Benefits, Head of HR
  • Rewards Specialist, Rewards Professional, Total Rewards Managers
  • Wellbeing Professionals, Mental Health Experts, Counsellors, Wellbeing Coaches
  • Modern Workplace Reformists, Architects and Designers