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About the workshop:

Organizations in India are increasingly realizing that analytics plays a critical role in staying competitive in the digital age. Organizational science has found new wings with application of data analytics. Establishment of direct linkages between organization/ people drivers and shareholder value creation has paved the way for organization and people executives to operate in a new paradigm.

Today there are assets based on data analytics that enable improvement in Organizational Performance. These assets can be deployed across a range of transformation initiatives and in the areas of Workforce Planning, Talent Management, Culture, Behavior and Change Management that bring data science to plan and execute management interventions. The assets can be leveraged to further enhance the benefits of work automation, employee engagement, talent strategy, post-merger integration and long term organizational health.


Program Objective:
Attending this session will allow HR and business leaders to actively navigate big transformation by tapping into the power of the right data and advanced analytics to:


    • Unlock hidden insights based on pattern recognition.
    • Recommend the highest-probability action sequence to achieve full business value.
    • Mitigate hidden risks through sense-and-respond course corrections.


This will be done through an experiential, design thinking based interactive workshop which will demonstrate the “art of the possible” and enable you to work on real life organizational challenges.