Panel Discussion I: Winning the war for Talent in 2019 – making TA strategies which work for maximum business impact

  • For the foreseeable future the war for talent will be characterized by trends like a scarcity of critical talent, shorter life spans of skills, a more diverse workforce and teams that are driven more by purpose and culture. As we think of these fundamental shifts, how do we continue to bring in game changing talent that can have a disproportional impact on the outcomes of our organizations. The panel will try and unearth some solid recruitment strategies that will work in 2019 for the maximum business impact and help them stay ahead in the global talent warfare

Panel Discussion II: Leveraging data driven recruiting and HR analytics to drive hiring success-Finding signal in the noise.

  • With the advent of tools that are often real-time cloud and mobile based with solutions integrated into employee hiring and other facets of the employee life cycle, HR function as whole now will be required to analyze data more and more to drive better decision making.

    The HR Readiness for a Digital Tomorrow report by FICCI showed that only 47% of respondents were using Data Analytics for better decision making.

    As tools for Data Analytics and AI are democratized more broadly, how should recruiting teams start to think about using these tools to screen in talent that can make a difference to an organization.

Platform Presentation: Diversity in Hiring – Best practices – Case studies from Leading Organizations

  • For us to view D&I in a much more holistic manner where organizations of 2019 can represent the society, it’s important that we engage into conversations that look beyond the Demographic Reports and Gender diversity.

    This session will unearth real case studies from some world-class organizations on how they have brought the element of innovation in ensuring equity and equality for all in their overall hiring efforts

Panel Discussion III – Candidate Experience and Employer Branding – The Paradigm Shift – Getting the ‘Talent’ pick you

  • Per a report today the recruitment market is 90% driven by candidates, that means the You don’t pick up talent anymore – Talent picks you. There is a major shift in the paradigm for recruiting the right and in demand high talent who are more of ‘customers’ than ‘candidates’
    With talent having more choices than ever before, the panel will deep dive into how organizations build attractive employer brands and offer candidate and employee experiences that are congruent with it.

Panel Discussion IV – Uncovering New Age Practices on Assessment

  • As more and more organizations recognize and resort to plethora of assessment tools available in the market today, there is a visible shift from them being viewed as ‘assessment based to ‘outcome based’ when it comes to assess the right talent for a job. In the current business scenario where there is growing focus on data and its utility in decision making, Assessments needs to be coupled with other data points like predictive analysis and big data to make outcomes more holistic and also be able to arrive at the most suitable fit thereby reducing the costs related to wrong hiring.

    As the new age HR is moving towards predicting future outcome of their biggest asset – Their people, this session will deep dive into various practices which will take on in the world of assessments in 2019.


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