Session 1: Building Organizational Capability

  • The business environment and the speed of change is propelling organizations to constantly reinvent themselves and their capabilities to stay ahead. L&D functions have a never before choice to either lead the journey or manage only the standard aspects of development. How do leading organizations align their L&OD agenda to the business needs of today and the future - This session brings you insights into how some world class businesses have been able to demonstrate, that aligning L&OD goals with that to the organization vision, has fueled employee performance and growth for better business outcomes.

Session 2: Developing A Culture of Learning

  • Embedding learning into the fabric of the organization does not come easy, and requires an all pervasive, organization wide commitment. This session takes a macro view on the why and the how this is being made possible in organizations, with business leaders, managers and individuals owning to lead the way

Session 3: The Learning Library: Case Studies From Leading Organizations

  • In this session we deep dive into how and why the learning library is expanding - to serve a diverse workforce in the VUCA times. We bring you how some leading organizations have gone beyond the normal and made multi-focal channels to make learning a big success. We bring you their journeys and the new avatars, tools & technology these organizations are using to make to make learning - self driven ‘pull’ vs a one size fits all ‘push’ approach.

Session 4: The Critical Conversation: Measuring The Impact

  • The session shall stir up some critical and courageous conversations on how organizations are leveraging data driven insights, and analytics to propel the learning function. How are the investments made on learning translating into business and individual impact? It shall try and delve deep in to correlations that work best in the business outcome context and go beyond just measuring program feedback.

Session 5: Driving Human Learnability In Today’s Times

  • Byte Size vs Intensive, Applied vs Conceptual, Experiential vs offline, Mandatory vs Self-Led, Generic vs Contextual and more such dilemmas as we serve the new world of work’s learning requirements. This session also onsets a big debate on finding the right balance when it comes to skilling, upskilling, developing future leaders of tomorrow, today


Who Should Attend?

  • HR leaders
  • CXO’s
    L&D Professionals
    Talent Managers from Industry spanning all sectors (Private & PSU’s ) and Academia

Why Should You Attend?

  • Platform for Deliberations: Listen to experts and their perspective on what’s new and relevant in Learning space today
  • Knowledge Transfer: Share and learn L&OD Best Practices
  • Networking: Explore collaborations with domestic / foreign partners
  • Visibility: Leverage branding opportunities through sponsorships,
  • Exhibitions & advertisement