en incredible. As a function, new technologies to hire candidates have been introduced, there are newer strategies to source candidates, and there is an increasing focus on the candidate experience and employer branding like never before.  In a nutshell Talent acquisition is the key to gaining a competitive edge in the market. This conference will focus on exploring technologies and strategies in the year 2019 to make the employers stay ahead of their competitors in hiring THE best and upgrade them to take on the VUCA world. The TA conference – 2019 will be an endeavour to equip and upgrade leaders engaged in Talent Acquisition with proven strategic approaches coupled with actionable insights which could be taken back and implemented as soon as you reach back office.


- Get Actionable Insights: get exposed to varied perspectives on what’s new and relevant in Talent Acquisition today
- Become a certified HR analytics and D&I Professional
- Build your professional network – The agenda bakes in opportunities for you to get insights from your peers in the Industry on your current business challenges
- Visibility: Leverage branding opportunities through sponsorships, exhibitions & advertisements


- HR Leaders
- Employees handling Talent Acquisition, Workforce Planning, Talent Management, Employer Branding and Data Analytics

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