The L & OD Conference 2018


The L&D Function stands at a cusp today, amidst compelling Business dynamics, led a by a newer workforce mix, hard line expectations, expanding aspirations, faster turn-arounds, unseen skills, greater ambiguity and so much more. What then will keep L&D functions ahead of the curve, how will they continue to impact Talent, will they over manage or let loose, will they serve a larger spread of needs or continue to focus on the core, how best can they leverage technology and make learning more immersive, what will make them deliver to so many expectations – there is lot of debate on how L&D sets up the Organizational Capability framework to deliver to a whole new world of work. The L&OD, 2018 Conference, debates, dialogues, and depicts how Corporate India is making bold moves in Gauging, Garnering and Galvanizing the workforce that stands the test of times”





Master Class: May 24, 2018


This preludes Masterclass on the New Age Learning Essentials-aims to bring forth the new age tools, techniques and practices, organizations need to deploy today to succeed.








Conference: May 25, 2018

  • Building Organizational Capability
  • Developing A Culture Of Learning
  • The Learning Library: Case Studies From Leading Organizations
  • The Critical Conversation: Measuring The Impact
  • Driving Human Learnability In Today’s Times



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We present this incisive Pulse report on L&D - with a view to take stock, share collective insights and trigger change for long lasting impact to Organizations and Individuals.







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